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So what's it all about? 

Retail is in my blood! And having been a boutique owner, and an online store owner, I know how to buy clothes. The difference though is, I know how to buy clothes for customers, not just for myself. I see clothes, and I know exactly who they're going to suit. I can tell why they are, or are not, a good buy.

In our monthly HIGH STREET EDIT, we will trawl through the shops, and the online sites of some of the major chains and pick out the best items of what's out there. Where possible we will check the fit, so we can give sizing advice.

We will present this to you in categories, so that when you are on the look out for a new top/dress/blazer you won't have to go searching or waste hours scrolling, we'll have done the work for you. All the items will be hyperlinked across to the relevant website page, so that you can easily shop if you see something you like. We will also have all the pricing and size availability listed on our site so you'll know before you click across if you are interested or not. 

Think of it like this! I own a shop, and my suppliers are the high street shops! So, just like when I go buying stock for my shop, I visit my suppliers and make my selection of what I want to carry for my customers. I'm basically doing what I've been doing all my life. And I know how to do it really well. 

So sign up below, and trust that with our help, you'll make really good purchases this year. No more impulse buying, minimise the need for returns, save yourself time. Basically, make shopping simple!

And that's not all you get every month. We also do a monthly Deep Dive, and a monthly Boutique or Designer Spotlight

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