About Me
I've had the pleasure of working in fashion retail since 1996, and opened my first business in 2001. A tiny little hat shop, Mad Hatter in Dublin, where women would come and I would make them hats to match their outfits. Buying a hat was something that they didn't do every day, or even every year, so most customers were very far out of their comfort zone. And it was my job to make them see, that despite their claims that "hats don't suit me", there was in fact a hat that looked amazing on them. All they needed was the confidence to pull it off. 

In 2010 I was lucky enough to add to my love of retail and took over a fashion boutique, Vanity Fair in Newbridge and then the real dream was realised. I could now dress them from head to toe. 

However, I very quickly learnt that the lack of confidence wasn't something that was just reserved for headwear, there were lots of customers afraid of clothing too. Unsure of what suited them, feeling like they'd lost their mojo etc and don't get me started on all the negative things they had to say about their bodies. 


Vanity Fair was a destination boutique first and foremost, and women travelled from all over the country to find their perfect outfit for a special occasion. It was a magic place and I was very privileged to have met so many amazing customers over the years. But unfortunately in August 2020, the global pandemic forced me to close my beloved boutique and I thought my heart would break.
I picked myself up with the support and encouragement of my loyal customers on my Instagram page and started an online business selling much more casual clothing at a much easier on the pocket price point. The Try On Shop was born, and I quickly realised that it wasn't just hats and expensive dresses for special occasions that women struggled with, everyday clothes presented as much of a struggle as anything else. 
As the world opened up again, I started doing pop up shops with Amy, one of my amazing ladies who had worked with me in Vanity Fair. I also started doing lots of Personal Shopping trips and Wardrobe Makeover sessions with customers. 
It was huge learning curve for me, even with all my retail experience. I began to realise that most women had a wardrobe full of clothes and yet they felt they "had nothing to wear". And perhaps the biggest learning of all was that most women are actually well able to glam themselves up and feel great for an occasion. All it takes is the right dress, get the hair done, bit of makeup, and hey presto, she looks and feels amazing. 
Where a lot of women seemed to struggle was in feeling well dressed, but comfortable, in their everyday clothes. 
For me, clothes are magic, and possess the power to totally change your mood, your outlook and your day. I want to pass this passion of mine on to as many women as possible, so that they a feel amazing every day. Because, let's face it, we are pretty amazing!
But I'm also well aware that the cost of a personal shopping trip or a wardrobe styling session is prohibitive for a lot of people. I had to come up with an affordable way to give every woman the experience of having their shopping struggles solved, and so Style Solutions was born. And I honestly think it's the job I was born to do all along. All my experience was just teaching me the knowledge and expertise I needed to be able to launch this service.
Myself and Amy would love to see you on the inside and have you join us on this adventure.

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