What is Style Solutions?

Mar 18, 2024

After decades of experience being a retailer, the time had come to shift my focus from selling clothes, to teaching women how to shop and style their clothes. Teach them shopping tips, teach them style tricks, show them different ways to wear the same thing, making sure that their wardrobe was working for them. So I created an online shopping guide and personal styling advice subscription service packed full of fashion advice.

Through my personal shopping trips, I noticed that there were three things that came up time and time again. Clients were booking me because,

A: they didn't have time.

B: they didn't know where to start, and were overwhelmed with all the choice. Or

C: they didn't know how to put things together and create a finished look. And so they ended up with lots of clothes but nothing to wear!

However, I realise that naturally, not everyone can afford a personal stylist. And yet I knew from my years of being a retailer that most people needed help when choosing an outfit. And having seen first hand clients confidence bloom when you find them something just right, I knew I needed to make this as accessible as possible. How could I ensure that every woman could get even just a flavour of that feeling?

By creating a low cost annual subscription packed full of shoppable links of items that I would personally recommend as being a good buy! And by giving monthly education on style ideas and wardrobe tips. And on top of that, introducing clients to boutiques and designers around the country, so that we can support these small businesses who are the life blood of our communities. 

And so Style Solutions was born, and the feedback has been amazing so far. We are just half way through our third month now and have already created an amazing community of women who feel connected and supported. I honestly believe that my 23 years of self employment in the fashion business have been leading me to this path. 

I'm so excited for this journey. Together, we are going to simplify shopping and end up with stylish confident women everywhere! Come join us and be part of the Style Solutions Squad.

Nessa 💕

Become a member today and get ready for a year of fun and simple shopping!